Our Services

For many people, going through a relationship breakdown will be the first time they have had to obtain legal advice or even think about having to go to Court.

Family law matters require particular skill, care and understanding. Unlike other areas of litigation, if you and your former partner have children, you may need to co-parent together well into the future and it is essential that wherever possible, the co-parenting relationship is not destroyed.

At Ashby Family Solicitors, we understand your situation and can specialise in providing advice and representation in all stages of Family Law matters.  We understand that needing to see a Solicitor is often a daunting task.

We can provide advice, support and assistance in all areas of family law including:

  • Property settlement – marriage and defacto
  • Divorce
  • Parenting and child arrangements
  • Parentage disputes
  • Child abduction – international and within Australia
  • Spousal/partner maintenance
  • Contravention applications
  • Pre-nuptial and relationship agreements
  • Other personal services: wills and powers of attorney and enduring guardianships

It is important to understand that the vast majority of family law matters settle without ever having to go to Court.  Upon your instructions for us to act on your behalf, we will communicate with your former partner, commence negotiations, attend Mediation with you and will work hard to settle your family law matter without legal proceedings ever being commenced.

Sometimes however family law matters are unable to be resolved and Court proceedings do indeed become necessary. We have wide experience attending in the Family Court and in the Federal Magistrates Court but we will continue to negotiate an acceptable settlement throughout such proceedings.

You can be confident that in the event your matter does not settle and  continues through to a Final Hearing, we can offer first class representation all the way.

Just like your relationship with any professional, be it a Doctor or a Dentist for example, it is important for you to feel comfortable and to trust that the professional you attend listens to you, explains things clearly and is someone who you can have confidence in. We understand how important it is for our clients to understand what is happening in their matter and to feel that they themselves are in control. We will ensure that we keep you informed of each stage of the proceedings, provide you with regular updates in a timely manner, explain the process to you in simply understandable terms and clearly discuss the steps that we will take to continue to try to resolve your matter.